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Tips On Choosing A Family Law Attorney

As a family law attorney in Westlake Village, I’m often asked if I can give some tips on finding the right divorce attorney. I think it might be helpful to get an answer to this question from a third-party source. Here are a few tips from an article that first appeared in First Wives World, a website dedicated to providing support to recently divorced people. These tips, and the article itself, are written from the female perspective, but not bad advice for men or women. In addition, if you’re a man, this article will give you a bit of insight into the woman’s concerns and fears. This may help if you actually end up going through the divorce process — it may help you understand why your spouse is focusing on particular matters. In short, if you’re considering divorce and interviewing attorneys, the tips are:

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Family Law Westlake Village

For Westlake Village residents, the Law & Mediation Offices of Barton Pokras provide an outstanding resource. Barton Pokras is a Family Law Attorney with substantial experience in all aspects of family law. He can help you with the challenges of taxation, business law, contracts and real property — and divorce mediation. Pokras is particularly adept at helping divorcing families who own businesses, have sophisticated estate plans, real property holdings and retirement plans that need to be dealt with in the division of community assets and liabilities. The Law Offices are located in the heart of Westlake Village, at 3075 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. If you are dealing with a divorce or legal separation, and need advice about child custody or visitation, child support, spousal support or alimony, give the offices a call today. The Law Offices of Barton Pokras are experienced in handling the more complicated aspects of divorce, including asset and property division, post-judgment modifications, paternity and parental rights and prenuptial agreements. Barton Pokras can also offer expert guidance regarding mediation and the collaborative process.

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“What I liked most was he listened to me”

After my ex-spouse made a custody change without discussing with me, I contacted Mr. Pokras. He immediately understood the urgency of my case, had paperwork complete the same night…

Chuck, Ventura County

“With his sincere compassion for me as a person, he shattered the perceived mold of a typical lawyer”

He was highly professional, remarkably proficient in the law and all its nuances, and persistently resolved in achieving what was equitable with incredible creativeness, especially in the courtroom…

Sandy, Ventura County

“He was an engaged advocate committed to protecting my position throughout”

My experience with Barton Pokras started out great and just got better! At the outset, he was able to put me at ease during a very difficult divorce process. His expertise was evident immediately. His measured, consistent, calm approach finally won the day...

Peter, Ventura County

“Barton is a wonderful human being to have in your corner through a tumultuous and emotional divorce proceeding”

Before hiring Barton I asked him to keep the focus on my daughter's future interests, and not get distracted by the emotional roller coaster. He did just that!

D.C., Ventura County

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